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The Entire list of gaming-code Links

New Websites are finally coming soon:

http://WWW.thegamelord.com is now complete.

thegamelord.net coming soon.

Codes for Sega Genesis & Gens

***Gaming Codes: Fully optimized for Gens***

Gaming Codes for GENS (A to C)

Gaming Codes for GENS (D to F)

Gaming Codes for GENS (G to J)

Gaming Codes for GENS (K-to O)

Gaming Codes for GENS (P-thru-S)

Gaming Codes for GENS (T to-Z)

Codes for Super Nintendo, Zsnes, and SNES9x

***Gaming Codes: The Entire ZSNES Collection
(including SNES9x)***

Gaming codes for ZSNES (A and B)

ZSNES Gaming codes (C thru E)

ZSNES Gaming Codes (F thru I)

ZSNES Gaming Codes (J- to -O)

ZSNES Gaming Codes (P Thru S)

ZSNES Gaming Codes (T to Z)

Codes for FCEU Ultra. (and other FCEU Emulators)
Nintendo 8 Bit.
Nintendo 8 BIt codes for Computer: with FCEUultra)
(now 100% finished)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (A & B)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (C & D)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (E & F)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (G & H)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (I and J)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (K & L)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (M & N)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (O & P)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (Q & R)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (S )

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (T)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (U & V)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (W & X)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (Y & Z) And, Updates.

Cheat Codes: 100% original NES Game Genie Codes

Game Genie Codes For Nintendo 8-bit Systems (from Galoob)

N.E.S. Game Genie(A-thru-D)

NES Game Genie(E-through-O)

N.E.S. Game Genie (P-thru-Z)

Super Nintendo Game-Genie Codes (Galoob)

SNES Game Genie Codes: (A-thru-D)

SNES Game Genie Codes: (E-thru-N)

SNES Game Genie Codes (O-thru-S)

SNES Game Genie (S-thru-Z)

Game Genie Codes for Sega Genesis
(Usually NOT compatible with GENS on P.C.)
1 Game Genie Codes for Sega Genesis (A-thru-E)

2 Game Genie Codes for Sega Genesis (F-thru-L)

3 Sega game-genie Codes (M-thru-R)

4 Codes for Genesis (S-thru-Z)

Codes for Sega Master System.
Also compatible with Freeze SMS, On Home Computer

Codes for Sega Master System (on PC)

Codes for Turbografx 16.
Also, mostly compatible with P.C. Magic Engine.

Classic gaming Codes: Turbografx 16

Every Major Search-Engine, for your convenience

Update: the following codes are probably obsolete.
I'm not aware of any emulators which accept these GB codes.
If one exists, PLEASE let everyone know.
In any case: here's a list of Game Boy (game-genie) codes.

Game Genie codes for Gameboy (A--D)

Game Genie codes for Gameboy (E--K)

Game Genie codes for Gameboy (L--R)

Game Genie codes for Gameboy (S--T)

Game-Genie codes for Gameboy (U--Z)

The Final List contains the Game Genie Codes for Sega Game Gear.
However, these codes are probably obsolete,
since they're probably not compatible with today's Emulators.
That's why our lists receive top billing, instead of Game Genie codes.
Nonetheless: This list should be posted:

codes for Gamegear (A thru D)

codes for gamegear (E thru L)

codes for gamegear (M thru R)

codes for gamegear (S & T)

codes for gamegear (U thru Z)

This is the perfect collection of Gaming Codes for fans of Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, SNES9x, ZSNES, FCEU, Sega Master System, 8-bit Nintendo entertainment system, FreezeSMS, Turbografx 16, and the P.C. Magic Engine.
For the Sega Genesis, every popular game is covered: Aladden, Mickey Mouse - Castle of Illusion, Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic & Knuckles, Space invaders, Tiny Toons, Michael Jackson Moonwalker, Loony Toons: Roadrunner vs. Coyote, Donald Duck Quackshot, Micromachines, Pacmania, Talespin, tazmania, World Series Basesball, NFL Football, NHL Hockey, NBA Basketball, and 500 others.

For Super Nintendo, there are codes for every popular game. Super Mario Bros , Loony Toons B Ball, Kirby’s Dreamland, the Legend of Zelda – a link to the past, Mario Kart, Super Mario World, The adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, Aladdin, Animaniacs, Back to the Future, Home Alone, Major League baseball Players Association , Batman & Robin, Batman Forever, Beauty & the Beast, Beethoven, bomberman, Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Daffy Duck (the Martian Missions), Donkey Kong Country, Flintstones (the Movie), Godzilla, PGA Golf, Goof Troop, Hook, The incredible Hulk, Indiana Jones, Inspector Gadget, The Wizard of Oz, James Bond, Jurassic Park, The Jetsons (cogwells caper), Lethal weapon, Mega Man X, Mickey Mouse Circus, Mickey’s Magical Quest, Monopoly, NHL Hockey, NFL Quarterback, Pinball, Pebble beach Golf, Popeye, Porky Pig’s Haunted Holiday, Robocop, Rock-n-roll, Scooby Doo Mysteries, Ren and Stimpy, The Smurfs, Snow White Happily Ever after, Star Wars 2, Smash Tennis, The Lion King, Tom and Jerry Chase, Superman, Yogi Bear, Super Mario All-stars. Plus hundreds more.

For older systems, there are codes for the best games. Such as: Chip and Dale rescue rangers, Contra, Gremlins 2, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros 3, tengen Tetris, Hudson’s Adventure Island 3, Antarctic adventure, Argus, Arkanoid, Athena, Back to the Future, Bart Simpson, Bible Adventures, Penguin land, bonk’s adventure, Bubble Bobble, Bugs Bunny 50th Birthday, Castlevania 3, Crash Dummies, Darkwing Duck, Defender, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong Classics, Dr. Jeckyl Mr. Hyde, Duck Tales, Exodus, Felix the Cat, The Flintstones, Frankenstein, Galaga, Gauntlet, Ghostbusters 2, Ghosts n Goblins, GI Joe, Gilligan’s Island, Godzilla, Goonies 2, Home Alone, Hook, Nintendo Ice Hockey, Jetson’s Cogwell’s Caper, Danny Sullivan Indy 500, The Little Mermaid, Little Nemo : The Dream Master, Disneyland: The Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, Mcdonald’s, Metroid, Mickey Mousecapades, Monster Party, Nightmare on Elm Street, Nuts and Milk, Pac Man, Pinball Quest, Rambo, The Rocketeers, Shinobi, Star Tropics, Super Dodge Ball, Super Mario Bros. 3, Superman, Super Bowl, Tengen tetris, Tiny Toon Adventures, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tom & Jerry, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Wizards and Warriors, WWF WCW Wrestling, WWE Wrestling, X-Men, The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link.
.....And hundred’s more.
Plus, the GENS collection now contains a file of the best Emulators, Fceux, Snes9x 1.51, Zsnes, Epsxe 1.7, Epsxe 1.6, FCEU ultra, Project 64 1.6. GENS 2.14, no Roms for snes9x, ZSnes, Gens, Epsxe, Project 64, FCeu, Magic Engine.

(Younger gamers use the term “Cheat Codes”. But the more sophisticated users take gaming seriously. Studies have shown that over half of all game players are over the age of 24).

You don’t need to give up Classic gaming, just because you’re playing the newer systems, such as Nintendo Game Cube, Wii, Playstation 3, or Xbox 360,

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Dave said...

hey, just a quick message. Sorry if anyone thinks this site delivers less than promised. *****I believe, the codes provided are every bit as important as any emulator. And, myself along with another contributor spend a few years compiling this. However, if you're looking for emulators, Visit the GENS collection, and Seth's Group has all the best emulators. Finally, my profile does not appear in any of the collections , because the profile isn't complete. That's the only reason. however, in a few areas, you'll see Seth's Profile. Because he has several of the original links..... That's why you sometimes see his "Dadsjustice.com" profile, etc. However, this area (and many others) belongs to me.

David said...

So, in order to create this Collection of Codes, Seth had to buy Each and Every Cartridge. This was especially true for the genesis and N.E.S.
If you need the Emulators, go to THE GENS COLLECTION. And, Seth's MRA Group provides them. Click my name for the fastest link.

Shafi Choudhury said...

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Rachel Burr said...

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